Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A pleasant moment in the mirror.

After a 2 day fast Im looking good:)
Down 1 lbs. Just worked out for almost an hour.

I am still not satisfied. Kind fearing having to eat today.

Hugs to all you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fat is the only thing between Us!

I was made to feel uncomfortable today.

I went to a Party today and this huge 200-300 pound woman came out of no where! She wrapped her thigh thick arms around me and hugged the breath out of me. She was a very old friend, but wow how do people get that fat?!Looking at her made me feel sick. I didn't eat anything at the party.

It got me thinking about the hug. The Real Her was under twice her weight or more of Fat! I really only hugged years of french fries, pizza, and chicken wings! She was able to hug me: skin, muscle, bones and all. I couldn't even wrap my arms around her.

Fat is an option and I dont want to wear it.